It seemed too crazy to believe, but it became so obvious that deep down I knew I wasn’t going mad. I went to a psychic day with Katie Helliwell and she said in front of the whole room that I was clairaudient! There are even lots of professional psychics who don’t use this sense because they’re stronger in their other Clair senses, despite people often assuming that all psychics are clairvoyants.

So when she earned her doctorate in nursing from New York University in 1964, she made the practice of limiting visits the subject of her dissertation research. Her findings that the practice was harmful drew wide attention — she was interviewed on television about it — and they ignited a transformation in medical care. You might feel some emotions when you have a flash of claircognizance. If you feel relief, certainty, hope, and brilliant clarity to such a degree that you begin to weep (from joy!), this is a strong sign that your claircognizance has been awakened.

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  3. From starting out singing in clubs to making her name in a soap and performing in the West End – Claire Sweeney has done it all.
  4. Add some fun to your day by trading charms with your friends or adding on important pieces.

With this kind of knowing, all hesitation and doubt fall away. There’s no confusion because the information comes directly from Source. This can show up as a clear and strong plus500 forex review presence within you saying YES or saying NO. It can also feel like a download of information or a flash of insight that helps you see things from a new perspective.

Some people use the term “clairvoyant” as if it were synonymous with “psychic,” but really clairvoyance is just one of the four clairs a psychic uses. Messages that arrive clairaudiently for clients during readings are usually straightforward, like “wait until after graduation” or “ask for a monthly retainer.” Clairaudience often offers short messages, like Yoda from Star Wars. Empathy is a normal human emotion and being an ’empath’ – being able to actually feel the emotions of other people – affects about 20% of the population. From my experience of the spiritual community, the vast majority of people who would call themselves spiritual also identify as an empath. Even people who aren’t spiritual can usually accept the fact that sometimes you just know, and you don’t have any outside proof or evidence yet; but you don’t need to, because you’re so sure.

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Religious beliefs and past life trauma (such as being witch hunted) are often the main culprits, as well as any other energy blockages around the third eye and crown chakras. Clearing out and healing these energy centres quickly has a powerful effect on psychic ability – it was after a 3 hour meditation with binaural beats to clear my third eye that I had my first clairvoyant vision. Get an additional 20% OFF your purchase through November 6. Coupon offer is valid for one (1) merchandise purchase at participating Claire’s stores. This coupon must be displayed at time of purchase and cannot be combined with any other coupon(s).

Clairtangency is a clear sense of touch, ie, being able to detect psychic information through your hands.

Jewelry for teens has been a staple among social media influencers, and we won’t hold it against parents who want to partake as well. From dress up to everyday wear, we have a little bit of everything. Our psychic abilities will start to open up when the time is right for them to, and we can learn how to harness them through books, psychic development workshops, and courses. Some people will have limited psychic experiences in this lifetime because it’s not necessary for the work they’re meant to do and the role they’re here to play in people’s lives. That’s OK too, and many people will live with psychic senses while never believing that they’re a real thing. We lose touch with our psychic senses when we discredit them for so long or feel shame around them.

From starting out singing in clubs to making her name in a soap and performing in the West End – Claire Sweeney has done it all. She’s now adding ice skating to her CV as one of twelve famous faces strapping on their skates in 2024. Learn how to access your own Akashic Records to unlock healing & receive Divine guidance.

Read through the descriptions below to discover which clairs your intuition favors, as well as tips for tapping into all four. Similarly to clairgustance, this sense is most often used in mediumship rather than in fortune telling, as it can be an effective way for someone to recognise which soul is visiting them. Maybe you’ve caught a whiff of your grandmother’s perfume while you were sat on the sofa, or the smell of cooking when no-one was. People report smelling tobacco smoke or cologne, when there’s no-one else around them and no logical explanation for where it’s coming from.

“They’re so great. They’re huge and they’re so healthy and happy,” she said. “I already feel like they’re giant teenagers, but we’re having a lot of fun. They’re my best friends.” But medical school was not something she wanted, she said in the interview. She was inspired instead, she said, by the idea of wartime nursing service. And, she added, not entirely jokingly, she admired the glamorous blue capes, lined with red, worn by members of the Army Nurse Corps.

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One places an object in the hand and reads (or receives) information via the other clair senses from the energy of the object. Remember – everything has energy and energy cannot be destroyed but only changed. If you think of the fact that one purchases a Buddha statue with an intention to meditate to and align, that is intention. In a reading, the clairvoyant may pick up on the moments around the intention for the individual (deceased or living) choosing to purchase this statue.


Objects are constantly soaking in energy (and obviously they’re energy too) so there’s a lot of psychic information that can be gained from the homes and belongings that we keep around us. It can also manifest as knowing that something is wrong with a loved one who’s on the other side of the world, because you can sense their sadness and grief. You can’t explain it, but your energy is so closely linked that you’re able to psychically feel their emotions. Internal clairsentience is more common as it’s that ‘gut feeling’ or sense of dread about something that you can’t explain.

Re-awakening your intuition and being able to hear it clearly requires you to release all of these external shoulds and shouldn’ts, all of the noisy voices from without. These external voices might include messages from your culture, society, family, schooling, or religion. These are voices that attempt to impose themselves on you and tell you how you should and shouldn’t live your life. This article walks you through how to develop your intuition using the 5 “clairs”. So whether you are looking for a boho, rustic or edgy vibe, we have it all in our stackable bracelets.

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My throat will often feel tight briefly during a session if the client’s throat chakra, which is how we express ourselves and our emotions, is closed off. If a client is looking for a new job or business partnership, I might see them fishing, with lots of little fish swimming by their line. This might mean the client should wait for the “big fish,” or the really plum offer. If you’ve ever held an antique and felt like it had a long story, you might have been experiencing clairtangency. And mothers definitely use this, because their energy is tied so closely to their children.