These documents prove not only that a transaction took place but also that a business rendered goods or services. There are a number of possible controls that can be used to reduce the risk that source documents are not properly recorded in an accounting system. One of the more common controls is to pre-number documents, so that missing documents are easier to track down. To complete the accounting records, a bookkeeper needs to have source documents to work from.

  • For these reasons, a company should adopt a document destruction policy that strictly controls the shredding or other form of elimination of source documents until a certain number of years have passed.
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  • Source documents are the physical basis upon which business transactions are recorded.
  • Ideally, you’ll avoid entering transactions directly from a bank statement and instead enter them from a source document.
  • Debit memos are important source documents used in accounting that provide evidence of an increase in accounts payable or a reduction in expense.

A bank statement is used to enter payments into the accounting system and match them to invoices. Generally, external source documents are considered more important, as they provide proof that your company did have a transaction how to file an extension for business taxes with another party. For example, if your company purchased something, but does not have any payment documents from the seller, then the accountant does not have the right to record such entry in the books.

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goods received note can be sent to the seller when the transaction has been
completed. The
delivery note is a document that is sent together with a shipment of goods that
provides proof that the goods or products have been delivered. The receipt contains the names of the two parties involved in the transaction, the date, the amount of money transferred and the currency. A materials receipt that specified the objects purchased and the price paid, but that was scanned without the name of the supplier would not qualify. A document that presented all the information in the original receipt, but that had been retyped in Word or Excel format would also not qualify.

  • The specific types of documents used will vary depending on the nature of the business and its financial transactions.
  • This can be an issue, if the bank has a policy of terminating or off-loading these images after a period of time.
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  • In conclusion, source documents are the foundation of accurate and complete financial reporting.
  • The credit note can be sent by the seller when the buyer has returned the product to the seller, fully or partially.

A purchase order is an instruction from one company to another company to buy a certain quantity of goods at a specific price. A dispatch note is a document that accompanies the shipment of the goods, detailing what was sent and confirming that it matches the purchase order. The customer should have a completed check stub (often called a counterfoil) in the checkbook. Fifth and finally (and possibly after Acme has had to issue a statement of the account, see above), Maiden sends Acme a check for the amount owed. If there are any problems with the shipment, debit and credit notes may be issued.

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Receipts are crucial source documents used in accounting that provide evidence of payment received from customers or clients. They serve as a written acknowledgment of a financial transaction, verifying that a payment has been made for goods sold or services rendered. Receipts play a vital role in recording and tracking revenue, ensuring accurate financial reporting, and maintaining proper documentation.

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It also shows the name of the parties involved in the transaction, the description, the quantities of items in the transaction, the date, and delivery location. The
delivery note usually shows the names of the parties, delivery location, the
date, and the descriptions and quantities of items in the transaction. For example, when a person or a company pays for a product, a cash receipt is supplied as proof of money transferred. A source document describes all the basic facts of the transaction, such as the amount of the transaction, to whom the transaction was made, the purpose of the transaction, and the transaction date. The articles and research support materials available on this site are educational and are not intended to be investment or tax advice. All such information is provided solely for convenience purposes only and all users thereof should be guided accordingly.

For evidentiary purposes, electronic images of source documents are generally acceptable, though paper-based documentation may still be required in some cases. There is a primary reason why source papers are crucial to the bookkeeping and accounting process. This is that they provide tangible proof that a financial transaction actually took place.

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If you’re shipping a product to a customer, saving the packing slip enables you to prove that the purchase took place and was fulfilled. A receipt is a financial source document that provides proof that cash was transferred from one party to the other. According to local legal regulations, a company must retain source documents
for several years.

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For these reasons, a company should adopt a document destruction policy that strictly controls the shredding or other form of elimination of source documents until a certain number of years have passed. Think of a situation when we sell goods to customers, we prepare invoices for sending goods, bills receivable in case of credit sales, and cash memos in case of cash sales. The original is delivered to the customer, and the duplicate is retained as a record in the business. In most cases, photocopies of source documents are acceptable legally, which means source documents can be stored electronically and the originals destroyed. The IRS has accepted photocopies of receipts since 1997—as long as they’re legible and contain all of the information present in the original.

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